Garage Door Springs – You’ll Miss Them When They Break!

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Garage door springs.  OK, so they’re not very exciting, but if you have a garage door that has a spring operation, then they’re a pretty important component for your doors functionality.

A typical example of a spring operated garage door is an overhead type which is made up of a number of panels attached to each other with hinges. These are then guided by rollers along a track, with the weight being balanced by a pair of extension springs or a torsion spring system.

You may never need to replace your garage door springs, but generally speaking, if one gives up on you, that could be a good indication that the other one isn’t too far behind. With this in mind, it pays to have an idea of the cost you could be looking at to have them replaced.

garage door repairsObviously, it’s always best to shop around instead of taking the first quote you get. And don’t assume that the big service dealers are always going to give you the best deal, because sometimes they don’t!

The best thing to do is to get three or four quotes – one from a big dealership and the others from local, established companies. All of them should be able to give you a ball park figure. And don’t forget personal recommendations – either from people you know or from internet forums. There’s nothing better than word of mouth!

Whilst you’re calling around for quotes for spring replacements, it’s a good idea to ask how much it will cost to have the door serviced at the same time. If it’s not cost prohibitive, it makes sense to have an engineer lubricate all the parts and check the mechanism whilst he’s doing the job.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $200 for a couple of torsion springs – depending on who does the job, it could cost you more, but it could cost less.  Of course, if you’re able to do the work yourself, you’ll reduce your costs considerably, but unless you’re really sure of what you’re doing, it’s probably best to bring in a professional garage door repair company.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that the lifespan of garage door springs is not necessarily determined by the number of years you have them, but more by the number of up and down movements they have to perform during their life.

Garage door springs – you don’t know how much you’ll miss them until they break!

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