Garage Doors Maintenance Tips

Household Repairs

In the past years and even very common today, robberies occurred in many homes either through the garage or in the garage. This is one of the prominent reasons why garage doors should be kept in good working conditions with a working remotely controlled garage door opener.

Maintenance of the garage door is however, dependent on individual homeowners, as there are differences in the level at which one cares for one’s property than the other.

The truth is just that one can easily carry out some garage maintenance and safety of oneself (or maybe by viewing and learning from online resources), but it is very essential that, if one is not comfortable with handling the following maintenance tips to contact a garage door repair expert (preferably the company that originally installed your garage door).

Please make sure everyone in the house is aware that the garage door is being checked and it shouldn’t be closed or opened until you are through. This should not be overlooked to avoid injuries and unwanted situations at home.

Visual Inspection

garage door springs This inspection tip could also be referred to as the” look and listen tip” and it should be carried out every month. This involves:

  • Standing in the garage with the garage door closed, looking over the garage door cable, rollers, springs, pulleys, hinges for any sign of damage or wear and tear.
  • Check for cable fraying and loose mounting hardware like the hinges.

If something seems unusual or not right, have a technician inspect the garage door

Door Balance Test

This maintenance tip could be carried out by easily

If your garage door is outfitted with the automatic/remote opener system, it is advisable to close the door and disengage the automatic opener and try to lift the garage door manually. One can determine is one’s garage door is balanced or not, if it is hard to open or does not remain open. But, ideally, it should open easily with little resistance and remain in that position (fully opened).

But if it doesn’t open or does not maintain the opened position, have the door serviced by a trained technician.

Reverse Mechanism Test

This type of maintenance is ideal for the automatic opener type of garage door. It is carried out with the help of a block of wood. The processes:

  • Make sure the door is fully opened
  • Place the wood at the center of the door opening, it should be the exact place where the garage door would touch the floor
  • Close the door with the transmitter or opener.
  • If the door touches the wood and does not automatically reverse up, the door sure does need to be serviced by a trained technician



Force Setting Test

This is applicable to garage doors with automatic opener.

  • Open the garage door and ensure it is fully opened
  • Close the door with the remote or transmitter
  • As the garage door is closing, try to hold it not to close with your hands stretched out and firm. If the garage door does not reverse its direction and continues to close, draw your hands away straight away. This implies that the closing force is too much and it should be serviced by trained a technician


Grease up moving parts like the hinges, tracks and rollers. This should take up to 10 minutes of your time, which is not too much to prolong the operation of your garage door system.

Prolong your garage door life

Maintaining your garage door on a regular basis would help you prolong your garage door life and help you to prevent unexpected expenses. I hope you have found this article to be informative and interesting.

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