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Roofing Repair After Storm Damage

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Spring has finally arrived and along with flowers and warmth, it also means the start of the storm season in Colorado. Tornadoes and thunderstorms are quite common as the weather warms up and many people will find themselves dealing with hail damage or other roofing issues related to these storms. As a homeowner, you need to act quickly if roofing damage happens to you. A roof inspection should take place right away to assess the damage and possibly prevent any other damage from occurring. Often, a roof can be repaired rather than replaced, but quick action is crucial. Call a local company for your Denver roof repair work.

Take These Steps Before You Contact A Roofing Company

Check the inside of your house as well. It might seem strange to check inside for roofing damage, but the truth is that damage to your roof can cause leaking, which would leave water stains, cause paint to chip, or cracking in the ceiling. If left unattended for very long, the cost to repair will go up considerably.

Visibly check your roof for dented or damaged shingles after a storm. Blistering or other signs of storm damage should be repaired right away. Inside damage can possibly take longer to appear, so it’s important that you check carefully on the outside.

Arrange for an inspection from a Denver roofer. These are usually free since these companies want your business. They know that if you file an insurance claim, a separate adjuster from that company will also come to give an inspection, so you don’t usually have to worry about dishonesty from the roofing company.

Be sure to get any estimates in writing! Make certain that it includes clearly ALL the costs of repairs. Many times, the insurance company will send the reimbursement check directly to the roofing company rather than to the homeowner, in order to prevent misuse of funds. You should completely understand the repairs that need to be done and all the costs, so that you don’t end up with any surprise out-of-pocket expenses.

The moral of the story here is to get roofing repairs done as quickly as possible, even if the damage is seemingly minor. Little problems can easily lead to big problems that can wreak havoc in the life of a homeowner, so be sure to take action if you think a storm has damaged your roof. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover these repairs, so there’s no reason to delay it. Remember—your roof is your protection against the elements, so take care of it in a timely manner and it will serve you well for years to come!

Why should you hire an electrician versus doing it yourself?

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Well, for some the answer is obvious, for others, not so much. In Texas, everyone thinks that they can take on a job and do it themselves. We run into those clients all the time and almost always end up fixing their messes for them.

One assumption a lot of people make is that they can save money by doing the job themselves instead of hiring a professional electrician – and as many have found out too late, this assumption is incorrect. A professional can almost always get the job done in much less time than it would take you to do it. Especially if you value your time, this can amount to a significant savings. More to the point, a professional conroe electrician will get the job done right the first time, saving you the cost of doing things twice or spending time and money trying to do it yourself and still having to call an electrician to fix an improperly completed project.

For example, with many homeowners, flickering lights can be a common scenario. However, this can be due to a poor connection somewhere in the circuit. It can mean main wire connection problems. If it happens often, there is no other way to solve it than to call the professionals. How many laymen know where to start by looking at a circuit or even owning a circuit tester?

If you feel like you are ready for a new bathroom and need wiring done or you just want to update what you have there are many ideas that you should run through. An idea is great but it should always be put down on paper so your contractor knows exactly what you are looking for also. We did a job in Spring that resulted in 5 hours of just running wire. 5 Hours! However, there are so many things that can be done to give your bathroom a new look from adding a television, notebook stand to adding in electronic shower stalls. That’s right. Electronic shower stall.

Before you start out on hiring someone though, for example like us, you need to establish how much the job you are hiring him to do should cost. For small jobs, this can be found out about online whereas for larger, more complicated jobs, you should get a few quotes from other electricians in your area. Once you have established the fair market rate for the work you are looking to get done, you should then request a quote from your electrician of choice. Provided the quote is a reasonable one, you should also get it in writing so that you can shop it around or hold your hired electrician to it. And make sure they’re licensed and registered!

There are many dangers in working with electricity if you choose to go that route. If you don’t understand 110volts vs 220, you definitely need to hire a professional, licensed electrician in the woodlands, conroe, spring or tomball

Enjoy A Cleaner Home: Carpet Cleaning Tips

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It is a simple fact that a dirty carpet can cause a great deal of dissatisfaction in the home. However, it can be hard to keep all of your rooms looking great, and this is where hiring a professional comes in. Take the tips included in this article and use them to help you hire a good carpet cleaning business.

It is easier to vacuum a floor if you do it in sections. The will help you to avoid re-vacuuming the same area over and over. If your room is square, for example, separate the room into four quadrants when you clean.

Excess heat should be avoided when cleaning carpets. If you have a delicate fiber or lots of vivid colors in your carpet, these can be ruined. This is very important if you want to avoid permanent damage.

Many capret and upholstery cleaning companies use chemicals; if you don’t want these substances in your home, find someone that uses “green” methods. Look carefully at any labels you use and discuss with your carpet cleaner what type of products they have as well.

Whether or not a cleaning company uses a specific line of cleaning products has no bearing on their experience and abilities. Do not forget to verify the certifications of the cleaning business. Just ask them, and followup privately to make sure that information is verified.

If you want a clean carpet, ensure the company you are considering has a real address or brick-and-mortar location. If you run into any issues, you’ll need to have a physical address that you can go to in order to resolve said issues. If their business address is a P.O. box, then you may need to look for a different company.

When your carpets look good, your house looks good. We hope that this article has given you just the advice you need to find a great carpet cleaner for your home. Use the information from this article to guide you through the process of professional carpet cleaning.

What You Need to Know about Pressure Washing?

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What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing (also known as Power Washing, Steam Cleaning, and Water Blasting) is the process of using high pressure (1,000 to 5,000 psi) water jets for cleaning, demolition, paint or dirt removal, and similar applications. The water may be heated to near 220 degrees Fahrenheit, or at ambient temperature.

“Pressure” is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). Pressure is what loosens the dirt from the surface being cleaned. The higher the pressure, the more force is available for cleaning.

“Flow” is measured in GMP (gallons per minute). Flow is what carries the loosened dirt away. Every pressure washer has a minimum GMP and PSI of water that must be supplied to the unit for it to function as designed.

The combination of pressure and flow is what determines how fast a pressure washing project can be completed. High pressure and high flow are required in order to properly complete a job in a timely manner. This requires expensive, professional equipment. Low budget equipment will yield high pressure with low flow or low pressure with high flow, both of which will slow down the pressure washing project down.

Cleaning effectiveness may be enhanced with the addition of certain chemicals compounded specifically for power washing and the particular problem being treated (oil, grease, etc.). One reason for heating the water used for pressure washing is because hot water requires less chemicals to complete the power washing project.

Why is Pressure Washing Necessary?

power washing - before and afterHumid climates can allow the rapid accumulation of organisms like algae, mold, and mildew to take root on just about every surface on the exteriors of your home or place of business. Dry climates similarly produce dirt, grime, cobwebs, mold, and mildew that accumulate and rob your home or place of business exteriors of their original luster and sheen. This includes siding, dumpster and trash areas, brick pavers, concrete driveways, and more.

These problems, if not dealt with, can result in dangerous or hazardous conditions for people, equipment, and vehicles. Also, if your facility was the subject of a surprise OSHA inspection, many of these problems could result in serious fines.

In addition, things like graffiti, paint and oil spills, or stains make a poor impression on your business and prospective customers. You only get one chance to make a 1st impression.

Power washing is often used as a highly effective, relatively low cost way to deal with these problems.

Typical surfaces suitable for pressure washing:

  • Most types of exterior surfaces, including stucco, masonry, wood and metal siding
  • Fences and decorative surfaces
  • All types of concrete slabs including patios, sidewalks, driveways, interior floors in warehouses and industrial structures
  • Swimming pool decks
  • How often should Pressure Washing be Done?

Pressure washing is usually done on an “as needed” basis. However, we recommend scheduling pressure washing on a regular basis as a form of maintenance to help homes, businesses, and other areas keep their value or restore them to what they should be.

One-time power washing is frequently used to clean a surface prior to painting.

Power washing can also be done on a regularly scheduled program. This is often the case for store fronts and entry sidewalks, signage, high foot or vehicular traffic areas, and containers and areas subject to frequent spills such as trash bins and surrounding areas.

Is Pressure Washing Dangerous?

Power washing is not inherently dangerous. However, whenever any power tool is used, it must only be used by a trained operator, in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and following all recommended precautions and safety measures.

The power washing jet is strong enough to peel paint and remove dirt and oil from concrete. If the jet comes in contact with your skin, it can cause damage the flesh. A simple Internet search for “power washing accidents” or “pressure washing accidents” will result in numerous injury related stories.

Pressure Washing Misconception

“The lowest power washing bidder is always the one you should hire.”

This is rarely a good policy for the following reasons:

  • Low bidders may use unskilled and uninsured “day laborers” which could put you in liability danger if a day laborer is injured on your job.
  • They may also lack required and appropriate liability and worker’s compensation insurance.
  • They may use inferior materials and equipment.
  • The lowest bidder may have missed or simply not bid an important aspect of the job, hoping you won’t catch it and they can tack it on as an “extra charge”.
  • Low bidders may tack-on extra charges when they hand you their final bill.
  • Get at least 3 quotes from different pressure washing companies. Before comparing prices, be sure all contractors are bidding exactly the same thing. Be extremely suspicious of an unusually low or high bid.

How to Choose a Pressure Washing Contractor?

Get at least 3 power washing quotes.
Avoid any contractor who charges for an estimate.
Insist on being listed as “additionally insured” on the contractor’s liability, worker’s compensation, and vehicle liability insurance policies.
Be sure the contractor states, in writing in your quotation, that they will not use “day labors” or uninsured labor on your job.
Ask for power washing references, and check them out carefully.

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

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Updated: 10/09/16

Did the last storm that came through the Denver area take some roofing tiles with it? You know you’re going to need some small repairs but you might be wondering if it is time to just replace it. With this in mind you begin looking for a reputable Denver CO roofing company whose opinion you can trust. None of us want to get ripped off by a roofing contractor. So how do we know if our roofing system needs a few repairs or to be replaced? Eventually every roof will need to be replaced – our roof can only last so long before age and the elements wear it down. The longer you ignore a problem the greater the problem will become. Here is a simple guideline you can use to help you determine what your roof might need. roofer doing repairsLook for any signs of leaking – this can begin in the attic. Some leaks are small and come from the flashing or a broken shingle so in a case like this the roof may only need a few repairs. The key is that you need to catch a leak before it can cause more damage. When you should repair your roof – Repair costs can range from $25 to more than $1000, depending on the problem and the type of roof you have. Leaks in the roof valley require more work to find and fix so these problems may run higher than repairing or replacing the flashing around your skylight. A good roofer will take pictures of the problems they see on the roof so they can show you what they have found and they will gladly share the solution. When you should replace your roof – The roofer will provide you with their opinion on replacing vs. repairing your roof and they should be able to explain the reason they would replace. If you feel at all uncomfortable with their diagnosis and recommendation, get another inspection from another company and compare their notes. After the next hail storm or heavy windstorm call a local Denver roofing contractor and request a free roof inspection. They will be able to identify any problems or potential problems caused by the storm and get them corrected before they can become major problems. A great local roofing company is Mountain State Roofing, located at 12 Broadway, Denver CO 80203 and you can reach them at (303) 816-3693

Garage Door Springs – You’ll Miss Them When They Break!

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Garage door springs.  OK, so they’re not very exciting, but if you have a garage door that has a spring operation, then they’re a pretty important component for your doors functionality.

A typical example of a spring operated garage door is an overhead type which is made up of a number of panels attached to each other with hinges. These are then guided by rollers along a track, with the weight being balanced by a pair of extension springs or a torsion spring system.

You may never need to replace your garage door springs, but generally speaking, if one gives up on you, that could be a good indication that the other one isn’t too far behind. With this in mind, it pays to have an idea of the cost you could be looking at to have them replaced.

garage door repairsObviously, it’s always best to shop around instead of taking the first quote you get. And don’t assume that the big service dealers are always going to give you the best deal, because sometimes they don’t!

The best thing to do is to get three or four quotes – one from a big dealership and the others from local, established companies. All of them should be able to give you a ball park figure. And don’t forget personal recommendations – either from people you know or from internet forums. There’s nothing better than word of mouth!

Whilst you’re calling around for quotes for spring replacements, it’s a good idea to ask how much it will cost to have the door serviced at the same time. If it’s not cost prohibitive, it makes sense to have an engineer lubricate all the parts and check the mechanism whilst he’s doing the job.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $200 for a couple of torsion springs – depending on who does the job, it could cost you more, but it could cost less.  Of course, if you’re able to do the work yourself, you’ll reduce your costs considerably, but unless you’re really sure of what you’re doing, it’s probably best to bring in a professional garage door repair company.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that the lifespan of garage door springs is not necessarily determined by the number of years you have them, but more by the number of up and down movements they have to perform during their life.

Garage door springs – you don’t know how much you’ll miss them until they break!

Organic Vegetable Gardening: Getting the Best Possible Results

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Organic vegetable gardening was once unusual, but today it’s becoming quite mainstream. We keep hearing how important it is to eat more vegetables, and having your own garden makes this easy. Organic foods are quite costly to buy at the store, but if you have your own personal supply, you can reduce your food budget considerably. So let’s find out what it takes to make your organic vegetable garden a success.

Eating fruits and vegetables is good for you, as you’ve probably heard by now, but it can be a strain on your budget to buy lots of greens, especially if they’re organic. It’s a lot less costly to serve organic vegetables to your family when you’re growing them in your own garden! There is an initial investment in setting up a new garden, but when you start to reap the rewards of fresh vegetables, this will be quickly absorbed. In fact, if you grow more of something than you can use, you may find a creative way to earn money from it, or perhaps engage in some bartering with friends or neighbors.

vegetable gardening planter ideaOne mistake some new gardeners make is to try to grow too many types of vegetables when they’re first starting out. Naturally, it would be great to be able to pick any kind of vegetable you want from your garden, but the more types of plants you try to grow, the more difficult your task will be. You always have to consider the needs of each plant individually, including its growing season, and the more you have, the harder it is to give them the right kind of attention. Another factor to consider is space -unless you have a lot of room, your plants may be overcrowded if you plant too many kinds. When you start with a modest garden, you can control everything and then make it larger as you gain experience. Being overly ambitious can create a situation where your garden becomes an overwhelming chore that’s hard to manage. When you find that you’re comfortable with a small garden, then you can think about making it larger and more diverse. Truthfully, the only real difference between you together with pros who are skilled in information in connection with Quick Weight Loss 2011 ‘s time. If you’ll invest more time in reading articles similar to this, you’ll be a whole lot of more detailed expert status on the subject of specific information like this.

While organic vegetable gardening is not as difficult as many people believe, it does take consistent effort. You not only have to find the right location for your garden and plant your seeds, but you have to tend to them day after day. Water is one of the main factors to watch -plants must get enough moisture, but not more than they need either. Weeds must also be taken care of, as if you don’t weed regularly your garden can be overtaken by them. Gardening, therefore, isn’t an activity you can only perform once in a while, but you have to keep it in mind daily. If you want to gain the benefits of having a garden, you have to play your role in the process. If you’ve decided to start an organic vegetable garden, you’ve made an excellent decision that will reward you in a number of ways. Don’t try to do too much at first, but just be happy to grow a few select vegetables. Keep the above suggestions in mind as you work on your organic vegetable garden and it will give you delicious and nutritious vegetables for many years to come.