Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

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Updated: 10/09/16

Did the last storm that came through the Denver area take some roofing tiles with it? You know you’re going to need some small repairs but you might be wondering if it is time to just replace it. With this in mind you begin looking for a reputable Denver CO roofing company whose opinion you can trust. None of us want to get ripped off by a roofing contractor. So how do we know if our roofing system needs a few repairs or to be replaced? Eventually every roof will need to be replaced – our roof can only last so long before age and the elements wear it down. The longer you ignore a problem the greater the problem will become. Here is a simple guideline you can use to help you determine what your roof might need. roofer doing repairsLook for any signs of leaking – this can begin in the attic. Some leaks are small and come from the flashing or a broken shingle so in a case like this the roof may only need a few repairs. The key is that you need to catch a leak before it can cause more damage. When you should repair your roof – Repair costs can range from $25 to more than $1000, depending on the problem and the type of roof you have. Leaks in the roof valley require more work to find and fix so these problems may run higher than repairing or replacing the flashing around your skylight. A good roofer will take pictures of the problems they see on the roof so they can show you what they have found and they will gladly share the solution. When you should replace your roof – The roofer will provide you with their opinion on replacing vs. repairing your roof and they should be able to explain the reason they would replace. If you feel at all uncomfortable with their diagnosis and recommendation, get another inspection from another company and compare their notes. After the next hail storm or heavy windstorm call a local Denver roofing contractor and request a free roof inspection. They will be able to identify any problems or potential problems caused by the storm and get them corrected before they can become major problems. A great local roofing company is Mountain State Roofing, located at 12 Broadway, Denver CO 80203 and you can reach them at (303) 816-3693

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